Hi, Hello world

Hi, Hello World!

You can find my LinkedIn Profile here.

My Twitter is here, where I mostly shared my favorite quotes from my favorite songs. Don’t hope high. I like almost all types of music and songs!

I am a Software Engineer by heart, now pursuing my master’s in Data Science at Freie Univerity Berlin. Currently living in a beautiful district of Berlin named “Charlottenburg”.

More Information about myself can be found in the About Me section of this personal blog.

I have been in many challenging and successful roles throughout my career. If you are interested to know more about my past career you may check my LinkedIn profile linked above.

I am happily married to the most beautiful lady in the world from a binary day (Yes, you’re right, 10.10. Co-incidence?). My wife Moli is a Banker and she lived in Dhaka. This distance with her might intrigue this blog.

Btw, I advised you to read a feature from Singularity Limited here.

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